Day 2380, love for a.

Daily picture

Living in a small big country far from the centre makes it sometimes necessary to travel long distances to get what you need. We’re on the way back, but still 3 hours from our workplace, we have already traveled 14 hours. We picked up a large, used table saw to replace a 40 year old saw we had. My old colleague, who worked longer at the company than the old table saw is old finally retired at 72. So we young ones immediately took the chance to look for replacements of the old machines. The old machines need a lot of love and special encouragement to let them work correctly, something the old guy excepted out of his love for the machines. He didn’t understand why we complained that the old girl didn’t saw straight anymore, she just needs a little guidance and help was his response. I don’t know if I ever fall in love with this new saw, but the time it took getting her home has already helped with getting her closer to my heart, if only because I enjoyed a whole day of driving through this beautiful landscape.

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