Day 2140, decorating your life.

Day's pictures

I sometimes wonder what kind of people decorate their house with decorations you can buy in a store. Look at this picture, two lamps that are the same, each in a corner for balance and some abstract plant-like thing in the middle. I know you get these decoration tips on TV, and you can read them in books, but how empty is your life if you don’t have interesting objects to show that come from your own history and a more individual taste. You have probably 4 or 5 stores in the local mall here filled with all these fake memorabilia and plastic kitsch; there is a market, no doubt. If you visit these people behind windows, as you see in this picture, you come into a world where things seem all neat and in order, but besides some pictures, you have no clue of who they are and what their story is. Or maybe you do, and their fake house represents their fake lives and thoughts, thoughts filled with freshly molded ideas from the nearest convenience store. I don’t know, I probably jump to a conclusion, but I still don’t understand the need to decorate your life with all these made-up…moods. Be yourself and not a part of a warehouse full of the same fake decorations.

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