Day 2037, Thinking.

Day's pictures

My little bird is looking in the mirror right now. I don’t know what she is talking about, but it is a whole conversation with herself. It looks and sounds quite ridiculous from where I am sitting.

If I started talking to every person I see in the mirror, as the bird did (it stopped), I would probably be taken away slowly to a nice padded room. But then again, millions of people pep themselves up in the morning by talking to themselves, speaking loud, in front of the mirror.

But we also think. Sometimes we think, and forget from moment to moment that we are thinking; maybe that’s meandering through wordles words.

Other times we feel emotions, often strong ones intermixed with words, words that immediately get swallowed up by a new wave of feelings, feelings from forgotten corners of our mind.

You can also think in pictures like people do that never heard a spoken word. Pictures can represent words or just replace them, and I often see pictures in my memories or when I think about where it is.

And sometimes we just talk to ourselves, making plans on what to do or how to express our feelings to another in words.  Sometimes it is really clear what we say, and we regret we can’t write it down standing in the shower, when water is running all over you.

The bird might think it is talking to a stranger, but we know that we talk to ourselves, and the pictures I see are mine and my emotions, well, those too.

So this is what I think, and therefore I am…really?

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