Day 2027, If truth was a tiny snail.

Daily picture, Poetry

If truth was a tiny snail


it would be going nowhere

really slow


it would be easily missed

and easily killed


and  you don’t know why

you have taken one home


A walk

I’ve been raised in the Netherlands, and you might know that it is a flat country. I can’t speak for all Dutch people, but I think that most of us get excited when we see hills and mountains. I still do after living between them for 15 years now here in Norway. Don’t get me wrong; we have a beautiful landscape in Holland too, but for me, hills and mountains are always associated with vacation. So, I still like this flowing landscape end I did it to this morning. At one point, somewhere halfway, I noticed a tiny snail slowly going somewhere. I took out my phone to take some pictures, the one you see at the top is one of them. After I saw this first one, I started to notice more that tried to crawl somewhere; I also saw many that were flattened by the wheels of an occasional car that drives by.

Later I took a picture with two signs telling the speed limit is 60. I wondered how fast you could drive if you didn’t want to hit these tiny snails.  

Delusions of gender

Today I started reading the book “Delusions of gender” by Cordelia Fine. She goes in-depth into what I try to say in a few blog posts. I can recommend it if you want to learn why most people still think that gender differences are biological and not taught by the society you live in. At the beginning of the book, she tells a story that I liked; in the 19th-century, scientists started measuring humans’ skulls to look for differences that might explain gender, race, and how smart you are. This all was laughably unscientific for us modern people; no, we modern, more enlightened people measure the skull and the brain with MRI scanners; there is nothing to laugh about that.

I can recommend the following video; her talk is around 40 minutes long. Her main point is that science and scientist are a part of society, and this will reflect in their method of research and the conclusions they take. Male and female roles are well ingrained in western culture; it is hard to step away from what you have learned for yourself as an individual and for society as a whole.  


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