Day 1935, building yourself.

Daily picture, Poetry

We all try to reach

a lighter place


but the building process

discourages many of us


6. Against visionaries.—The visionary denies the truth to himself, the liar only to others

Friedrich Nietzsche, Human all too human, Part I. Miscellaneous Maxims And Opinions.

Translated By Paul V. Cohn, B.A. New York The MacMillan Company 1913, Free licens from 


In my search for interesting aphorism and other texts from Nietzsche regarding some kind of anarchism in your mind or thinking I only had to turn a few pages in the book I started with yesterday, Human all too human.

In some sense you might say that the world is ruled by visionaries, and it is indeed hard to imagine an honest visionary that knows that he or she is lying. But when we think about ourselves, who we are and what we want or even expect in life; are we then liars to our selves or are we visionaries? Recognizing that you act to yourself like one of these liars or visionaries is important if you want to be freer…from yourself.

There have been many studies in the last 30 years that tried to find out how we see the world, how internalize it and how we process it. The results are sometime quite confronting, the idea that your world view might be just that: your world view can put into question everything you believe.

In future texts from Nietzsche, I hope to use the more modern research results to complement Nietzsche. Like many thinkers from the past, Nietzsche also foresaw, in rougher outlines, many modern idea’s that were “collected” with modern tools like brain scans and research methods.  

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