Day 1870, no shadows.

Daily picture, Poetry

I like to climb higher

not to reach a better place

but to see shorter shadows


We have our secrets and quiet conversations in the shadows, the things we don’t want to show in the light of day. Our shadows get shorter, the higher we climb (literally and hopefully figuratively), not that this shadow-less world takes away the secrets and bad habits we have, they are just clear to see for all. It’s not a better place per se, but at least a more honest one.

It is off course easy to imagine what would happen in a world where everybody speaks there mind, and where we can see unfiltered, what’s going on between companies and governments. It would be chaos, specially in the beginning, but on the other hand…we cannot stay mad forever at everybody just because they speak their mind…It is a a nice thought experiment. What would you think, would happen?

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