Day 1777, change.

Daily picture, Poetry

Today I started looking for one of my old poems when I realized that I came close to the date where I stopped writing poems. Remembering them to well I decided that it was enough. I started looking back at my old poems on Day 1699, I did it to give myself a brake and to practice my writing. I am contemplating now if I will start writing my poems again that are inspired by the picture I post for that day, or shall I take one of my books from the shelf and write about that. I have read a lot in the past, these day’s I listen to books and hardly ever take the time to read.

I have written about a book of Nietzsche on this blog, it is called “reading Human all too human”, everyday I read one aphorism of that book and gave my interpretation of it. It did it quite thoroughly, reading the text in English, German and Dutch and the English books also in three different translations. It was a lot of fun to do but after a while I stopped with it.

Reading a short aphorism was relatively easy, now I would like to read a book and make a summery of that what I have written the day before. This way I can combine the fun I have with writing on this blog and really read, or study a book I have read before but never serious.

I will think of a book tomorrow (and a poem today).

The picture above is taken from my living room. We had some nice snow this weekend and now it is freezing -16 centigrade.

Most of what I bear

lays quietly

besides my feet

I almost forgot how mush fun this is.

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