Day 1725, innocent.

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I try, even if it is impossible, to maintain my naivety. I am afraid to settle in a comfortable place in my mind, and steer my life from there. At the least, I try to feign naivety so that the world treats me like I am naive.

I still remember the times that I learned new things, and that I thought: how can I have lived before, without knowing this. The scary thing is, it doesn’t happen any more, or at least, less frequent. Why is this scary you might wonder, because there must be more things to learn. Not finding these new things to learn can mean that I have settled down in my mind, so to speak, or that I am looking at the wrong places. Like for example: the same places.

I lost, for a while now

the innocents, from just opened eyes

it fell down somewhere, maybe when I turned.

This poem is the inspiration for today, I wrote it on Day986.

I think that settling down with what you know is part of growing up and getting older. Your muscles and back are slowly getting stiffer so why would your mind be any different. And like living an active life might delay your slow decay, so does having an active mind slow down the decay of your thoughts and mind.

And like playing with the kids when your older so is playing naive when you know it, helpful to stay younger.

3 thoughts on “Day 1725, innocent.

  1. Ik kan me ook nog steeds verwonderen maar meer over kleine dingen, een roosje die gaat bloeien in de net geplante struik, de gezichten van de kleinkinderen, dat ik een stapelmuurtje kan maken, schuttingen kan zetten. En naïef ben ik voor een deel ook nog. En over anderhalfjaar wordt ik 70😊🍀


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