Restoration of Brottsjø 12

., Boat building

This week I worked with the new stern. The old stern didn’t fit so good anymore after so many years so I spent some time measuring the old Skin and inner stern/knee to make sure that the new one fits good.

Click here if you want to read the Introduction/first post.

The fitting underwater is for obvious reasons important.

I tested if it fits and it was almost good, some little adjustments and we will mount it next week.

The skin fits nicely, the angles are measured correctly.

This week the new stern is mounted and it fits nicely. I started nailing the planks after we did some small reparations to them, some of the plank are old and need some attention but we are happy we can save most of them.

The old and the new meet. The wood we used was not of the best quality. We put the log in the water for 9 months when it got here but the humidity in the hall can be too low, I put on the air moisturizer to slow down the drying process.


In the meantime Joost is changing ribs. Here he uses an ax to fit this rib. We found out that they used a band saw to saw out the then desired rib and then used an ax to trim it.

Most of the time the tops of the ribs are in bad condition…

…but some of them also have long cracks were the nails come in. We change these to so that the new nails have a good grip. Under the waterline the ribs are in a much better condition than over the water line.

Because they are better the lower you go we can save some of the interior and the heavier inner skin or “livholt” in Norwegian.

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