Restoration of Brottsjø 9

., Boat building

We started working again on Brottsjø this week.

Click here if you want to read the Introduction/first post.

From this week Joost will also be working on the boat as a boat builder. Like me he is also from Holland, a not so important fact. We started removing the deck, this is s necessary before we remove the deck beams.

We also prepared the removal of the “lugar kappe”, the entrance to the living space in the front of the boat. Here we take away the “bakkplank”.


The deck beams are in a bad condition. It’s hard to imagine that we used the boat for fishing trips not so long ago, it’s a good thing everything is over dimensioned otherwise the boat would have fallen apart a long time ago.

Here is a good example of how rotten it can be. These “kraveler” have no supporting function at all anymore. But we have to remember that it is a boat build out of spruce for over 70 years ago.

During it’s long life many repairs have been made using contemporary materials.

We also started taking away the skin planks so we can start changing parts of the ribs. Most of them are rotten above the waterline but they are fairly easy to change. Here you can see that we gave them a number.

Brottsjø is not so healthy anymore but at Stenson og Sønner were the made Brottsjø they did a good job. Everything looks nicely made and thought thru thoroughly.

Here you see a close up of one of the wooden nails that is being used to mount the skin. The skin, like the rest of Brottsjø is made out of spruce but these nails are made from pine with an oak wedge to widen the nails at the end so it sits and stays tight.

The oak wedges show signs that they were made with a band saw and that they used a knife to sharpen them.

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