Restoration of Brottsjø 2

Boat building

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One of the problems with the old electricity, the wiring, switches, sockets and equipment is that we don’t exactly know what we can use later. What are the regulations, is it aloud to use old wires. The goal is to save as much of the original as is allowed so for now it’s finding out the regulations.

A lot of work went into removing all the half round iron strips on the boat, in total more than 80 meters. And off coarse the question: how old is it and mainly is it from before 1989.

This was the place of the old hatch, there is not much left of the wooden beams underneath, luckily we still can find details of the original construction.

We found a unique construction, normally this is an all wooden construction with maybe a nail in it Often you find a special flat bold alongside the beam but here the bolt goes through the middle and is tightened with a nut, we will find out more later.



These improvised berths were made after 1989, the date that we use as a reference for this restoration so we took them away and they will not come back.

We found the old controls for the winch lying around in the boat.

And we found the place where they belong.

We started this week also to disassemble the winch and it’s driveshaft and gear box. We take enough pictures now and make notes so that later we can reassemble it with more ease.

The winch is loose and ready to be restored, the insides look good, that’s a good sign.


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