Day 1034, we are nothing.

Day 1034-1.jpg

when we look over water

where the horizon disappears

the sea follows, has no end

we feel the truth about life

it’s meaningless, we are nothing


Today I finished a book about Friedrich Nietzsche “I am dynamite” by Sue Prideaux. I liked the book, I can recommend it when you are interested in the life of Nietzsche from his youth till after his death.

I came across Nietzsche when I searched for answers about…life…plain and simple. I was just coming out of a heavy depression that came out of the blue sky, lost my girlfriend, had to quit school, I needed answers. I was already skeptical so all the self-help books where useless for me. If there was one of these self-help books that really had the answers, we all would have known about it by now was my reasoning. Since no one around me had any answers besides bite size advice that if you put it all together it would make no sense. I decided to look in the corner of the bookstore where there was a less popular section, a shelf with philosophy books.

I started reading general books about philosophy so to get an overview, who’s who. Some parts where interesting, others dry or way to complicated. Slowly I started to see the same names more and more and that’s how I ended up with Nietzsche among many others..

I liked Nietzsche because he is the opposite of what most people expect of a teacher (or self-help book), he gives no answers, he doesn’t make structures out of life as he sees it like many philosophers and people do.

He realized that we as humans see, and want to see, structures where there is none. This dilemma is the source of our despair. We all try hard to fill the void that is there, that we feel, and if you don’t feel that void and found your answer, it is a structure, a way to trick your mind, a sedative.



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