Day 882, pointless.

Day 882-1

Attract and reject

Echoing eternal needs

detested and blessed.


I am not a philosopher in the sense that I can quote famous philosophers or understand all the different chapters from the history of philosophy. I might have some insights, but I have no story to tell or a system to unfold. I have my preferences and I can get aroused by a good book but that’s about it.

I have many thick books on my bookshelf, I bought these books because I’m interested in them but also as an investment. I knew that I was not ready for these books with condensed thoughts in them. The people that wrote these books where good at their job and I can admire them for that. These books helped change the world but…how much? Did they?

Dignity does not consist in possessing honors, but in deserving them. Aristotle

This quote is more than 2000 years old and for me it says something about how you should treat other people and go through life opposed to living for material wealth and appearances.

I think that a lot of people could agree with this, but the reality is that the clear majority can’t or won’t live according to this suggestion of Aristotle. We westerners see goods, likes and freedom as ”honor” badges we wear, in religious minded people wearing a book, following the rules and prey is there badge as a sign of there piety. With these badges some people think they deserve praise, but they are often pined on an empty shell.

Aristotle told these words thousands of years ago, and around that time you could find, in countless different cultures, similar sentiments. He told these words and since then countless learned people have read these old works and refined them, and refined them but with what result?

We might not kill our neighbor, or raid the village next door as in the olden day’s but at the same time we praise our global economy and borderless internet, is our willingness to let thousands of children starve in poor countries not the same as letting your neighbor starve 2000 years ago? Did Aristotle let his neighbor die?

We wear our badges of material goods and pious behavior and think where good, but should we not throw these symbols away and act like the world is one small neighborhood? This is what (some/in general) philosophers are trying to tell but the massage is not understood. You might say that this has made all of philosophy pointless, but I hope that it is a fundament for future generations to finally find a way to tell the story that the ancient thinkers started in a languish that is understood by all.

What do you think?

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  1. Just asking the question, what do you think? Is the first step. Most people don’t really care what others think in today’s me first mentality. People need to remember that communication is the basis of understanding.

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    1. First a question back: do you think that communication is the basis for understanding? I personally think that it is not necessary to communicate with others to understand…us..the world, think of all the secluded artist and writers that often understand it to good. Communication is difficult, we humans tend to interpret what we hear i such a way that it fit’s into our way of thinking. If you see it like this you will understand that solving our flawed communication with communication can be problematic.
      If people care you ask…Talking about “the people” is always difficult because you immediately generalize but i think that most people don’t actively “don’t care”. It’s more like the fashion that slowly changes and everybody is convinced that they choose that hair stile and those cloths but we all just flow mindlessly on the river of time(and fashion).
      I don’ think there is a main perpetrator, we are just human all to human (Friedrich Nietzsche)


  2. Secluded artists and writers while shunning convention still communicate with their craft
    Conformity is an unfortunate byproduct
    Or to some is the purpose
    I’m merely saying it’s important to put oneself in another’s shoes lest you only see from your own perspective
    Take a picture take five steps left and take the picture again
    While similar they are still not the same picture


    1. Yes, I agree with you, you should try to think and see problems from different standpoints but how easy is that? Can your really detach yourself from … yourself.
      I am just wondering out load if we, to use your analogy, can take pictures from different places or that the camera is just standing on one place and you take the pictures with a remote shutter while you walk around. It’s easy to say to yourself that you can understand what it is to feel this or that, or how it is to be treated like that person is…but can we really do that?
      You must understand that I am skeptical about our capacity of rational thinking and free will. I think that we are more hardwired and that there is only little room for creative/original thinking. My thoughts are formed by the philosophers I read and the neuro science from the last view decades where more and more evidence points to a chemical and hormonal basis for our personality with little room for a “soul” that can act separate from the body and, for instance can see a problem from different sides.
      For me this is interesting, not in the least because it goes against our daily experience as humans. We feel free but somehow, we also know we are bounded.
      Because I believe this I also put more faith in well-known thinkers who had that little bit more spark then us mortals like Mozart or van Gogh had with music of painting. In a sense I take there point of view…(to see if we can take someone else’s point of view?!?) That’s why I like to read Nietzsche, he is one of the first who really dissected the human psyche and al its quarks and contradictions.

      And you talk about artist and what they try to say or communicate…that’s a whole other story and for now I only have the lazy point of view that most artist are full of crap, because I don’t understand what they talk about. If I see art that I like it is because it pleases the senses and not some kind of massage given to you in broken braille. I think that communication is best done with a few people discussing a subject and not by an artist in a one-way conversation where we must guess what he or she meant. I like to write my Haiku’s and I read in them a specific meaning, but I don’t expect others to see the same if anything, if someone likes them for whatever reason I’m happy and if they ask me what they mean to me I gladly tell them…if I remember.


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