Day 693, Authoritarian.

Day 693-1

This time of the year we have beautiful sunrises and sunsets round the time we drive to work and back. The pictures from the last few days are made from the car with my phone, with some tinkering you can make something nice out of these phone pictures.

I also finished another book yesterday, how democracies die – what history tells us about our future from Steven Levitsky and Daniel Ziblatt. It is a n interesting book that gives a short overview of different political systems but mainly focuses on democracy and how it can slide into an authoritarian system or even become a dictatorship. The reason for this thorough introduction is the Trump government and where it fits on this gliding scale towards a more repressive regime. The authors claim that Trump shows all the signs of a wane be authoritarian ruler. Some of these signs are disrespecting your opponent and former rulers, something that can be expected during a campaign but not from a president in office. The same goes for harsh critique on the press or calling election result illegitimate.

coverI don’t have to be convinced that Trump is a terrible president and as far as I know also a lousy human being, but this book gives a lot of examples from history where similar people came to power and slowly transformed the government into a more authoritarian regime like what happened in Russia and a lot of South American countries in the 70th and 80th. The conclusions they draw out of their research are for the most part somber because it is not only Trump that worries them but also the two parties that are getting more and more entrenched. Read the book, it’s worth it if you are interested in political history and would like to put the current regime in its rightful place in history.

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