Day 684, Crazy aliens.

Day 684-1

I am reading the book Heavens gate from Benjamin E. Zeller. It’s about the suicide of 39 people that believed in some kind of Christianity wherein every saint and wonder is replaced by an alien and/or some future tech. I just picked this up because it’s interesting to see how people can, and come to believe in these kinds of things and take it so seriously that they kill themselves because over it. If you look it up on YouTube and watch it, you would be amazed but look also at all the other wacky believes people talk about in all seriousness. I’m only halfway now but so far, I like the book, the writer is not an amateur with an interest in these things but an actual scholar who did his research. He takes several points of view under investigation and quotes other researchers that have written about this specific group, but he also uses general scientist in the fields of psychology, sociology and other. One of his main points is his opposition to brush these people away by saying that they are brainwashed. He explained that brainwashing is not a scientific term and that it simplifies the cause of these peoples believes and consequent suicides. I written before about the ease we people can believe anything and when I finished the book I will see if I can say more about it.

But reading what these people believe made me wish that I could do that. Imagine that you really believe that the way you live and behave will give you a place in a spaceship that would fly you to their planet and give you a new, and better body. If that was true I would through myself from the nearest cliff and never come back, definitely more interesting than living on earth I would say. But I am a skeptic and could never believe that, even if I wanted to.

A note to this story: most people find this heaven gate story unbelievable and think these people are crazy, but these same people believe that they will go to heaven and see their dog and grandma again or believe that the alignment of the stars influence their lives or think that karma is a thing or reincarnation is true. Most accepted religions have crazy stories, you only have to read their books and you wander who’s the crazy one. Christians believe that people can live in a fish (Jonah 1-17), sounds to me as crazy as thinking that aliens where here in the past.

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