Day 647, summer camp.

Day 647-1

This year is almost over, and it is time to look into the future and back in time. This year for me was uneventful, I did my work, maintained my relation, and saw some family. The only exiting personal thing is that I started writing again on a blog, like I did years ago. I f I look back at what happened worldwide in politics and society I can only be sad. I studied history enough to know that “the world” doesn’t really cares about what happens on its surface, but if you look at what goes on in the world sitting on a barge that floats along with time, so you just see what happens now…you should be sad at the level of stupidity and ignorance that was visible this year. In a thousand years historians will look back at this time and call it the adolescence stage of mankind. The world surface is full of pimples and someone like Trump is the puss that comes out of such a pimple if you try to get rid of an itch. These narrowminded leaders do a good job representing the teenagers we are as a society, hopefully they don’t burn down the house before they grow up. There are so many disagreements going on that deserve a real debate and should not be treated as if they were talking about the best collar of a car, where you can have a simple opinion over. Out of pure opportunistic reasons, leaders will say that there is, for instance, no climate change whiteout starting a real conversation about it, I like to hear honest arguments for or against. But there is no reasoning with a typical teenager, specially when there is no authority, the world is a summer camp without supervision.

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