Day 643, land in my head.

Day 643-1


And land in my head.

Where I live with my friends.
The thoughts that I own.
The wishes I’ve lost.

I can invite you.
But hold your own hand.
Make sure you stand up.
Straight on your own.

If you’re in doubt.
Stay far away.
From this inside of me.
This world that is mine.

Cause know how to fly.
I have no ground.
Don’t stay with one foot.
Outside of my world.

It will tear you apart.
Break you in half.
Ruin your life.
Leave you in tears.

Cause I’m over here.
A world with no boarders.
But only the one’s.
I stated and wanted.

And do you know .
How the world is from here.
Away from the clutter.
Everything clear.
lined out below.
Seeing the picture.
What pulls us.
And pushes.
What itches.
And stings.

Your judgment will weaken.
Over what good is or bad.
It’s all just so relative.
So your back will be straitened.
End you will fly your own way.
Regardless the world.
And what it has to say.

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