Day 637, Slowly dissolving.

Day 637-1

I like taking pictures of old, weathered buildings. A long time ago someone was lying in bed thinking about the nice barn they had made that day, how he saved all the money needed to buy the materials and the many hours it took to build it. Now it is standing there, abandoned, and maybe thought of for a minute a year by the owners, if there are any. It is kind of sad, an object with out an owner or purpose is all alone, if it could be. It is just standing there, with all the marks of a rich life, slowly dissolving back into the earth while it ones was used and build with a purpose. If I look at this still image I realize that, that lock will never be used again and will sit there till the end, some of the paint will be washed away by heavy rain and loose its last grip in a storm, and the wood is slowly eaten molecule by molecule by time till it is all gone.

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