Day 671, Einstein and the lift.

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Day 671-1

Think about it…we live here, all 7 billion on a planet in a vast universe. Those 7 billion people have all an opinion about this life but…is there anyone who actually knows what’s going on? Imagine this: we are all stuck in an elevator, all 7 billion of us, and the button to call for help is missing, we all been in situations like that, its uncomfortable, you start looking at each other for answers, your mind start racing and you try to stick to some thought that calms you down. I think we are in that situation here on earth and there are a lot of people shouting what is going on, but that doesn’t help you one bit in figuring out what really is going on. We just don’t know what’s going on outside the lift.

I thought about this when someone on YouTube quoted Einstein in saying something like: “the universe is not stranger than we do imagine, it’s stranger than we can imagine”. Einstein, is in this “locked in a lift scenario” the lift repairmen locked in with us. What he say’s has some weight and if he point’s out that we could not imagine a solution to the “why is the lift stuck” problem, who can? There is no one at this planet that can say with certainty what’s going on, even the president of America, the best specimen earth has to offer, doesn’t know that, and he’s is the one that opens the door when the Martians knock on it and ask: “why are you stuck here?”. (Did I just prove Einstein wrong?)