Day 2349, new.

Day's pictures

I have made a new website where I collected some of the pictures I liked the most from my picture-a-day project. You can go to the site by clicking the link “pictures” under the Nochrisis logo and then “best of days.” Or follow this link:

I am now on day 2349, but sometimes I post more pictures in one day, so there are around 3300 photos to be found in the posts on this blog. I don’t always take pictures daily, but I edit the pictures on the day I post them. I have so my routines while editing pictures, but I have to say that it is still a creative process for me. Most of the time, I set some kind of time limit, not only to save some time, but the result of your creativity often benefits from limiting yourself in time, and other boundaries, is my experience. Writing the little poem-like texts with each picture has also never been a problem. Each picture has given me some kind of inspiration, and most of the time, a sentence will pop up in my head, and that’s the one I write down. It happens very seldom that I have to erase that first sentence because I like the challenge of sticking with it. I often take out words once I think I am finished; this leaves the poems short and to the point and not really poetic in the traditional sense, I think, but who am I to judge? Writing these little poems or texts is just fun to do, and it makes me smile each time I think I am so clever…

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