Day 2199, mirror.

Day's pictures

Yesterday I was thinking about the little poems I write and if they get their inspiration from my less conscious inner workings. My goal is to post a picture a day and let that be the starting point of whatever follows. But I suspect that I steer my interpretations of these pictures in a direction that’s on my mind and is in need of a way out.

The last few day’s I wrote about buttons not pushed and directions not chosen, and though I recognize all these crossroads in life, I never really regretted the so-called choices I made or not made. One of my philosophies is that we as humans only have a small part in the choices we think we make and that it is better for yourself to be prepared for whatever comes on your path and learn not to be surprised. Sure, you can press different buttons and swim against the stream, but know that you are now moving backward in the direction the stream is taking you anyway.

That’s what flashed through my mind when I read the instruction on this picture, “rotate full turn,” and you advance 2 mm. You can make all the choices you want, but you still look at the same face in the mirror tonight.

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