Restoration of Brottsjø 13

Boat building

This week Peder, the electrician finished his work on Brottsjø for this year. All the old switches, sockets and switchboards are cleaned, measured and repaired, if necessary using old parts where possible. Look at the results, they look like new again.

Click here if you want to read the Introduction/first post.

The first new part of the skin is mounted. This is the upper strake of the hull.
This strake (the gunwale) defines the lines of the boat, and is therefore important for how it all will look in the end.
The plank and how it is attached to the stem.
Now that Christiaan has some weeks of, Joost has help from another dutch boatbuilder, Peter Meijer. The plan now, is to put in the beam inside the gunwales and bolt them so that the boat doesnt loose its shape. 

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