Restoration of Brottsjø 10

., Boat building

This week we started making the first new parts for Brottsjø and the sun is also back, what more do you want.

Click here if you want to read the Introduction/first post.

Part of our job is teaching others boatbuilding so that the craftsmanship stays alive. Joost is teaching here Hani how to make a “rekkestøtte”.

After we stabilized the boat by mounting different crossbeams and wires we started removing de deck beams. Most of them are in a bad state and will be changed.

Now the beams are gone we have easier access to the “bjelkeveger”, the plank on the inside of the ribs that supports the beams. They are in a bad state and also need to be changed.

Here is an overview after we cleaned the boat. It looks like that the wood under the waterline is in a reasonable to good condition.

Peder, the electrician is also going on strong and even broadened his horizon.

He made two new covers for the two big switches that were lost sins the boat came here in 1989.

And here you can see the old ones.

But he also tested the old electrical equipment, and it still worked.

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