Restoration of Brottsjø 4

., Boat building

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Because the calculation has to be ready in a couple of weeks I concentrated this week on the “lugar”. The interior is as old as Brottsjø itself so from the thirties, we try to save as mush of the original interior as possible but we have to check the structure underneath like the ribs.

This cabinet came loose nice and needle, it took some time but it’s been stuck there for more then 70 years.

Here you can see some older paint and black marks were the different parts were connected.

Here you can see how much is eaten away during the years hidden from the eye, the beam above it is also gone, a knife will go in there without force.

The two technicians Harry and John take away the last remaining diesel tank, a big one. At first glance the tanks looks ok, we will check them with ultrasound equipment later.

And here it goes. Now don’t forget to put it in before we close the deck, it’s much easier like this.

John started also working in the engine room, because there was some doubt about the condition of the propeller shaft we decided to take it out. The rudder also showed an unhealthy tolerance in the bearings so that one had to go anyway.

At first glance the rudder has had its best days.

Old wood we check by knocking on it, sticking a knife in it and using our eyes, John has to start next week with his caliper.

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