Selfie vs the world.

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Norway, 1997

In our family it was tradition to make a photo album after a vacation. I really like these albums and when I’m home I often like to look in these old albums. I personally still try to do this, but I have to admit that I leg a view vacations behind. For most people these days the vacation pictures are taken with a digital camera and stored on a computer or still on there phones.

Sometimes people show me these vacation pictures on their phones. They tell me that this picture is taken here and that one there but on all the pictures their big heads are in the way of what they have seen there. I don’t need to see your face, I see it right now grinning and smiling to me…show me what you have done there, I’m interested in that.

Sometimes I forget that I am getting older and becoming a cranky old man.

The pictures below are taken in Oslo in 1997. they are scans from slides.


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