Day 276-1

Are we all bystanders when we look at the wars we have created? Have we created them? Or can we narrow it down? Is it the dictator or president that ordered the first shot? Why are these people in charge? Or are groups of humans like vortexes, moving around mindlessly, bumping against each other, swallowing up each other. Are we destined to turn around and around, over and over again facing the same sides again and again of all the other vortexes, swallowing each other, disappear.

It almost must be like that if you see how each generation is destined to start over again with only muted voices pointing out the obvious… for who can listen, we have been here. And the bystanders. They get turned around and around, get nauseous and sick of all the streaks in front of their eyes. They must look down to let the world stand still. And don’t look up.


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