Restoration of Brottsjø.

Bilder er tatt ca. år 1940 på Einarsen slippen, Skjervøy-vågen

Almost 10 Years ago I worked for the Nordnorsk Fartøyvernsenter og Båtmuseum in Gratangen Norway as a wooden boat builder. There are three of these “fartøyvernsenter”, (boat preservation center) in Norway, two are specialized in restoring wooden boats and one is specialized in steel or iron boats.

I started working in Gratangen in 2006 as a boat builder and in 2010 I was responsible as project manager for the Restoration of Brottsjø together with the help of the other experienced boat builders. Because my Norwegian writing skills were not good enough I started a blog where I wrote in English and kept a relative detailed rapport on what I was doing on a weekly basis.

I started to convert the blog into a book for myself and thought it might be interesting for the people that are interested in old wooden boats and Restoration projects to follow me. I will try to work on it everyday.

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